We are a Brazilian brand of sustainable personal toiletry and beauty vegetable products, not tested on animals.
We know that your beauty ritual begins in the shower, so we have created skin and hair care products that provide nutrition, treatment, balance, hydration and well-being.
Our products are made with active vegetables from the Amazon, respecting the time of each harvest, making the whole production process sustainable and without any negative impact on the environment.
We are passionate about our brand and our products, as well as our customers.

Boutique do Corpo Cosmetics, your beauty ritual begins in the shower.

With Boutique do Corpo soaps your bathing experience will be incredibly scented and you will have soft, nourished, moisturized and very scented skin.
Our bar soaps are all made with vegetable glycerin, plant actives and the purest babassu oil from the Amazon Forest. Babassu coconut oil comes from the southeastern Amazon region, with a texture similar to coconut oil. It has emollient properties, moisturizing without increasing skin oiliness. Its harvest is sustainable, happening between January to June.


Image of Babassu coconut from the Amazon Forest

All our products are free of parabens, mineral oil and petrolatums.

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